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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite

Isn't this what the ang mo parents like to tell their kids? My mum very Asian, never tell me that. =P And thank god I never get bitten by bed bugs. Or maybe I did but I didn't know. You can't possibly tell cause it looks like normal mosquito bites.

There this site that show us how to identify and how to kill bedbug , where we often get them and how we bring bed bugs into our homes. By the way, bed bugs is not only on your bed. I think it's just a name for it since it is usually found there but they are in different places as well. Eh, maybe I was bitten before but I don't know about it cause it looks like
mosquito bites here.

Anyway, one of the way to detect if you have bed bugs in your house is look out for this

It is a bed bug's waste and if you have this at home with the mosquito bites look alike, most probably you have bed bugs in your house. So, I guess you cannot sleep tight and not get bed bugs bite then. Look for the solution on the site then. And no, you cannot catch them, it's not that easy. They appear dawn a few times a week only. Now I am feeling the itch already. Pantang see such things.

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