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Thursday, May 29, 2008

What should I go as?

In my previous post, I submitted my drawing to secure myself passes to go to Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging party in KL right? Now I have to worry what to go as. The smart ass me decided to ask my sarcastic second sister's opinion.

She ask me to go as a pig, hippo, elephant or cow. T.T To enhance my bulat-ness. How not to sakit hati to have such sister. When she grinned, I knew it. I knew she was going to say that to me. I knew her inside out, upside down, leftside right, front and back.

So how? I really have to go in those meh? Sure people can recognize lor. I so look like a pig.

I can go as bumble bee. Hehehe. Bulat-bulat.

Or lady bird. But they are not wild animals. They are insects. T.T

If I am 3 years old, piggy would be cute.

How how? Can I go as a hunter? =P


Anonymous said...

want some ideas??
visit my blog and read the post about my idea for the event.
maybe it will inspire you to be creative..LOL

Anonymous said...

btw, my blog is located at :P
forgot to say it before..sowie!! :D

R said...

insects are wild too. :)

Mrs Chong said...

gnomefan: yupz..went and ur ideas.

robb: yea...wild bee, wild ladybirds, wild pigs. yes. =P

Anonymous said...

hurhurhur have you decided what animal to go as!!!!!!!

I THINK I know what I'm going as, i THINK only .

Mrs Chong said...

michelle: no busy with Project Trafford. Lol, nuffnang, stop keeping us so busy la...runsing betul...

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