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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Star, then and now (i)

When I was cleaning up my mum's office, I made some interesting discovery. Apart from finding lots of CNY cards with their old telephone number (still 6 digits), I found The Star newspaper of the year 1988 and 1995. I fast fast keep it cause heh, 1988 my birth year. I salute them for keeping newspaper for 20 blardy years.

Keep the 2008 one newspaper and take it out in 2028. Seriously, it'll be a interesting keep. =P Anyway, I'll post lots of photos of the newspapers. Damn interesting I tell you. Can bring back memories when you were young. 20 years ago leh. Antique.

The Section 2 in 1988 and the StarTwo in 2008. Lol, last time we so "heng" ang mo one ar?

Tilt your head and see, 1988. I was just 3+months old. Now, I am 20 T.T
Nah, this year one, recently nia.

The comic segment in 1988. Same nia.

The comics in 2008. The comics looks the same for me both years. =P

The list of show in 1988. Can you recognize the actor?

Walao, alike lor. They damn pandai draw. Michael Hui and Ricky Hui. Brothers. Lol, Chicken and Duck Talk, direct translation ar?

Now, we have all this.

No fake cartoon.

And girls sexy sexy. Ok la.Not sexy enough
More to come.


Unknown said...

wow, its antique alrite! how star has grown in a way :)

Mrs Chong said...

yea....aiyo...cant imagine how it'll be like in 2028...hehehe

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