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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Roar!!! Nuffnang party here I come!!!! *meow*

Ok la, I am the size of a lion and as timid as a cat la. Cannot ar? T.T But I have to draw to get a pass or if I am lucky, passes to the Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging party. How la can I draw? Arts was and still is my worst subject. I don't know you all can recognize or not. Aiseh....I am not an animal person as in I don't have pets and I am super afraid of lizards. Eh, tak releven. Tak apa. But.... Nah, show you my drawing la.

Nah, explanation to those animals. I cannot draw a jungle with animals in it and I cannot draw all sea animals or all jungle animals or all domestic animals. I can draw an animal is already a miracle. If you cannot read my writing (T.T so teruk, writing also cannot read) From left to right, a snail (I don't fancy them but I can draw that one only), supposing a fat rabbit but seems like it's mutated or something, a retarded cat, a supposingly worm, an octopus WITH 8 legs (you better count), ants with don't know how many legs, a fish or ikan bilis and a bird! *beams*

That's it. No more drawing for me. T.T Such a traumatizing experience. And I know la, my rabbit don't look like rabbit, my worm look like french loaf and my cat got retarded face. And my bird and fish look like kindy 1 work. What can I do? I got no drawing talent ma. T.T


The reason why I drew those animals not because I love them but because I can draw them. I used to love sheeps okay? Until I see them in New Zealand. Not like the one in this picture also

These are cute ones. The one I saw are those in Black Sheep movie. T.T

I also think hamsters are cute. But, my attempt of drawing hamster is a dead one, on the wheel.

Nah, how? I cannot draw this and tell them it's a dead hamster right? T.T Sad.

Hopefully I can get the passes to go la since I missed the first party cause I was in Singapore. This time I'll be in KL leh. I am so gonna ditch Donny Osmond. Mwahahhaha.

pps: Now, how do I get there? I don't know where the hell is that place, if I dapat, I so gonna need to find someone to tell me how to get there.


Nicholas Chay said...

Good effort!

Anonymous said...

steal my hamster's photo again

R said...

nice sketches!

Falcon said...

Hope you get the invite!!

Anonymous said...

hamster is dead. DOn't you have to spend time to burry that image? (i guess you won't have time to go for the event if you happen to mourn on that day)

Doralin Lee said...

I like your siput babi look so cute macam siput babi.......

Mrs Chong said...

nicholas: thank u. after std 6 no one tells me that anymore. T.T std 1-6 always get that on my report card. Hmmm. What does that mean?

Jason: =P cute mar.

Robb: kam very the sia. (Thank you) =)

falcon: me hope so too.

3point8: Wa tarak bury. Cause tak tau lukis. T.T No pets, no mourning.

Anna: OF COURSE IT LOOKS LIKE A SIPUT BABI!! IT IS A SIPUT BABI!!! I pandai lukis one kay? =( or so I thought

Geralvin said...

Wah, urs very funny as well. but i am not that interested to attend. All the best to you all. Do come to my blog and have a visit when u are free, i just updated my blog

Mrs Chong said...

alvincheng: it is not funny. it is pretty. T.T ok ok...

Anonymous said...

your snail is blind..LOL..
has no eyes..
and no facial expression..
but still cute :P

Mrs Chong said...

gnomefan: =P Wa lupa mata. Nvm la. Boh pien, born like that. =P

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