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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Like this also can?

I've seen this in Watson but I am not sure if it works. Like kid's work only. What I am saying is the eyeshadow that you stick onto your eyelids. I mean lekat-lekat is kids' job what. How can you replace the skill of putting on make-up with sticking it? I mean won't it look weird? It will look funny lor.

But here, they show like very normal like that. Now you don't have to worry about apply too dark for one side and too light for the other. You don't have to worry about the color blending and the smooth flow of two colors. However, you have one thing to worry about. Will you stick the eyeshadow senget? You have to master the skill of sticking you eyeshadow-like how you stick your fake lashes.

Smokey eyes can never go wrong again, of course, you can always stick it senget. =P

Summer look? Easy peasy. Won't look like a peacock with too much wrong colors mixing together.

Hmmm...Don't want smokey eyes? Go for light one for a change. I love purple!!

Natural look hior? Here got, nah, won't look like you put on too much make-up. No need to worry about putting it too dark.

Once you have master the sticking skill, going to club is no longer mafan cause you must make-up. Muahahaha.

Must be a zoo keeper. Want to camouflage and look like one of the leopards. Not nice though. =P

Unless you are walking on the runway, don't put this on. Like Cindy's picture. Walao, this type of eyeshadow really cannot. Even this girl can't pull it off, no wonder Cindy look hideous that time.

A little weird. Suitable for models, you do like this go out, sure get attention one. So scary.

Nah, same like the one in Watson I think. Want to buy and try? Ah Win, Jen, mari-mari. Hahahah.


Anonymous said...

try ady tell me how isit wor.. haha..

Mrs Chong said...

lol...i'll try and let u know...if i jadi try la..hehehe

Jen said...

what doesnt stick on my skin?
what if my eyes smaller than the sticker?
u buy n try ok..=P

Mrs Chong said...

jen: cis...maybe we try this friday la..bring ur make-up stuff..we go ah win's place and

Swee Win said...

jom jom !! mari mari !
tak sabar nak beli d ?
eh mahal onot ? stick d can reuse ?

Mrs Chong said...

dunno eh...i saw but never stop to see properly cause i tot will surely look ugly la..

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