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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Miss Choo, 20 Years Old liao

now grab your pack of aging mask and join us. Mwahahahahha

Anyway, this beauty here is our Miss Choo Yuh Jen. =P She is tall, slim, pretty with CURLY HAIR!!!!

Her RM17 curler gives her beautiful CURL and I hate it. Blek.

You are 20 liao Miss Choo, finally. Now she and another two besties are in KL already. T.T Luckily she come back and celebrate. La la~ Jom bowling.

Though we kebelakangan ini baru start jadi friend friend since you last time don't want talk to me one =x. I had a great year with you. Lol. Oi, bring your fake lashes to KL kay? Nanti you want clubbing there how?


Now, I sell you aging mask, buy one free one. =P


Jen said...

T.T aiduhai..why time flies so just 19 k~ Lallallaa~~
Thanks for da post :) lol..

Kikey Loo said...

her hair really nice!! :)

Mrs Chong said...

jen: oi, old liao. Dun 19 19. =P c u in KL

kikey: ya la..and she dowan buy for me that curler. Some more bring to KL.

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