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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Higher Band, Less Earnings?

Despite showing us how each of our ad-box (the leaderboard etc) perform, like how many stars, I still don't get the band thingie. Higher band means more earnings right? And these earnings are fixed? At first I thought they are cause I have a few Band 1, 2 and 3 ads that pay their respective amounts.

Then how come recently I received a Band 5 one with less earning compared to Band 3. Is it up to the advertisers how much they wish to pay us? Then how do we know exactly what to expect from each band?

And the bands, is it like more visitors higher band? And then how come on the same week, I got two ads and they both belongs to different bands and pays differently too? Just curious. Not that I'll know how to optimize my earnings pun. Other than bringing in traffic, I apa pun tak tau dah. They pay berapa, I take berapa. Better than none.

I wonder got people so rajin go kaji the chart or not. =P

Thanks to innit my unique visits naik until pang pang seng. Also, Cindy, I write about her, my UV naik pang pang seng. Got a happy amount of ads since then and hopefully, it'll continue la.

This people really want to snatch away my dream to earn more through blogging. People baru start to earn, they pula want to launch blogging courses. Who would take up blogging courses la? Might as well take mass comm journalism. Works the same right? What if in future they say Malaysian cannot be bloggers without a degree and sue us until our pants drop (some canto proverbs) if we blog? Blogging doesn't need what power language. It's the way we don't type perfect English that is fun.

What's the point of blogging when you can't get exactly what you have in mind, be it in English, Malay, campur or all the lahs? Now they offer this course, in future, they want you to register yourselves and get a licence to blog pula. Sien nia. Later when I turn 24, I want to be like Nicolekiss or XiaXue or DawnYang (hopefully 4 years is enough to turn prettier. =P), or when I gets older I want to blog and earn as much as Kennysia also cannot liao. Don't offer us the bloggers any course la. We are happy blogging like this. Kam xia, now, bounce off (canto- Tan Hoi)

ps: Sorry, forget to link the info I got from. Not from newspaper. Lama didn't read already. Got it from bloggers, DavidLian and InfoYouthDotCom.


Unknown said...

hey, i would like to have more UV also. nowadays, my UV has been decreasing like crap. so sad. my ads arent tht good nemore either. sighz

Mrs Chong said...

i guess we should earn it and not just get it...because if we earn it like through making friends with other bloggers, the visits will be more secure.not like those you have catchy title i read type..

Wanderer said...

i din even know got different band..
i onli c band 1 hahaha... wat dat mean oso i duno...

davidlian said...

I think different clients have different rates for the bands. :) Might explain why the payment you get also different.

Mrs Chong said...

teddy: oh...nvm nvm...i like reading the exam and stuff about i'll visit ur blog, more unique visits then will have more ads with higher bands. =)

davidlian: must be la..aiseh..pening juga..but dun care la..janji got money masuk... =P

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