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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Never have an intelectual talk about studies!!!

It'll made you so nervous and worried leh. I was chatting with Hui Ping and she told me many of our schoolmates are worried about not getting uni. What la. Their result not bad okay? Some more Science stream one. Like that we mati la.

I some more sit here like nothing happen. Only hope that I will get the course I want. Never have I thought I'll not get any. T_T Everyone applied private uni as well. Fiona is going UTAR already. I don't want to sit another half a year here!!! I don't want to rot la. I want to study. Sounds weird, but I don't want to ketinggalan. I don't want to enrol with other kids younger than I. I don't want to be the oldest or one of the oldest in the class. T.T

Now go apply other uni still sempat? Eh, Bentengz, layan sikit. You all not scared ar? I scared leh. If by July I still do not mention getting or entering which uni, that means I'll be working for another half a year before I can get into any PRIVATE uni. -.- Sien


Wanderer said...

u STPM or SPM wan?
why those ppl take so many subjects ah? cacat de...
u got how many, 15 ah?
r u science stream?

oh ya, thnx for dropping by my blog..


Mrs Chong said...

I kiasu..hahaha..they apa language apa religion mia also take.. T.T Siao.

me?? I took 10 subjects but can't even get 10A1s...I am very important in this society you know?? Because got like me, not so keng one then the 10A1s one wont feel so sad sampai sot jor. =P We help to balance the result. Ha-ha.
I was from science. Changed to arts in form 6.

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