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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If you think going down the stairs is easy,

think again. I don't know how the people working at Gurney Tower wait for their lifts. It doesn't freaking come down and there's like so many people QUEUEING for that freaking lift lor. All sandwiched into the lift. And it's not for 5 or 10 floors but for freaking 20, 30 floors. Thank god the lift moved pretty fast. Else, mati dalam lift ar.

Anyway, went to collect documents and stood there like gong kia (idiot) waiting for the lift to come to our floor and bring us down. After waiting for a while, we decided to walk down. We were late for work. I thought aiya, 26 floors only ma, sup sup water la. Walk down, not walk up. Boy was I wrong. 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, ...... 13 still okay. But the ones after 13 floor becomes a torture. And when I get to 7th floor, my leg was practically shaking if I did not move. I can't even stop cause I am worried I'll get jelly legs and collapse.

Shan, I shall not ask you walk down 20+ floors to kap zai. T.T Siao one. Yi Lin, how you work there? How to wait for the lift? Damn freaking long eh. And they don't even have the screen to indicate which floor the lifts are in. At least that way we don't feel dumb for waiting. Eh, now I feel dumb for not. T.T I thank God for the lift to go up. Else, find me in A&E. Walking from my house to Island Plaza is not that bad, 1500km is not that bad, heck, even the route I took while having evening walk in Botanical is not that bad though there's slopes and stuff. Going that 3 rounds will make me super exhausted but not to the extend of jelly legs. T.T

Kids who scores 0 for exam and fail all their papers are not stupid/idiot. The guys who SMOKE in the LIFT are idiots. Even if you are alone in the lift, don't you know that the smoke will remain in the lift? Are you such an idiot, you don't know people will die from your action? I think we should have this rules whereby if someone smokes in close-up/ non-smoking area be punished as murderers. They are slowly murdering people anyway. Benci. What a morning. And I am having hiccups. Double sien.

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