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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just random thoughts

Can we really do what we preached? I mean for instance, myself, I once said I won't online or blog during exam and ended up blogging and onlining more than I did before I said that. Can we really do as we say or are we more prone to do things we said we won't?

Or is it that once we say we won't do something, we are actually more aware of it that when we do it, we actually realize it. Erm...let me put it this way. You say you want to get a car, Honda City let's say. And it's in black. All of the sudden, it seems like there's black Honda City everywhere. You get what I mean? Before that, even if every single car beside you is black Honda City, you don't even realize it.

Think about it. I think it's pretty true lor.

Anyway, it was actually just what I was thinking while seeing the guy who goes around dang-ing. Though the above might not have direct connection but he seems to divert from his initial purpose which is to dang people who nang themselves. Seems like he is doing it to every top 10 innit and perhaps others, too lazy to check it out. So has he divert from his initial meaning of danging people? Or he is such a sadist, he enjoy seeing people sad. Like I am affected by his action. He is plain immature though he might fight and claim that he is a mature man with clear conscience and he thinks the post is a bullshit. I doubt he reads them though. So to me, that's plain immature and no, I don't give a crap, just curious. =)

No, not gonna use his name to innit.

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