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Saturday, May 24, 2008

I love cheap deals!!!

Just came back from Paradise hotel. There's this warehouse sales there of famous brands like Victoria Secret, Guess, Levis, MNG, Quik Silver, CK and stuff. But the sales have been there since Thursday so we couldn't find any clothes we like.

We bought Victoria Secrets bra though. Cheap cheap RM10. Who don't like cheap deals? We all do. I was browsing through the internet and saw this
thanksgiving ads. A little too early hor? I mean for the ad.

Anyway, we all love cheap deals, whether if its on days before any festivals, during or after. As long as there's sales, we love it. That is what that thanksgiving ads were about la, about sales after thanksgiving where you can get super cheap deals cause festival over already, no one buy presents already. When demand goes down and supply remains, what happens??? Econs my dear, price goes down. And you should buy it then to prepare for another festival coming up cause the items will be the same, but prices will increase with low supply, high demands. =) Enough of my Econs lesson.

When is our sales ar? August ar? Means I have to earn more money now to support my sapu activity then. I don't used to shop kay? I grow up already. T.T


Swee Win said...

y u din tel me wan !!???
cis cis
wht a fren .hmph ! :(

reddaisie said...

i tak tau u nak pi still got... =P but the baju tak cantik pun...

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