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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Wei Wei and Ewe Yan!!!

How can I forget to put up a birthday dedication to my two good friends? One I know her since Std 1, that's blardy long and another, since form 1.

First, Wei Wei who blogs at . As I've said, I know her since Std 1 and that makes us friends for 13 years. That's freaking long. Anyway, she is one of my besties. I remember we used to mix around so much. When I was in Std 4, my Kajian Tempatan all depends on her to pass (I copy la). I suck at history and geography, so, how can my Kajian Tempatan be good? Primary school life is the best. All those "oi, toilet ada hantu," "this padang is some askar mia cemetry" and all those stupid scary story never failed to keep us away from the grass, run like mad after coming out from the toilet and dare not go toilet alone. Wei Wei and I last time very lawak. We always hide in the toilet when we have to do lompat tinggi. And we will run till the besi then shout "AHHHHH" and knock it down. Angeline would be the one jumping over and winning 1st 2nd 3rd. Chieh.

We used to borrow Sweet Valley from school library and exchange cause we can borrow one in a week only. Then we will hide the book so that we can borrow it the next week. I miss school. I mean primary school. I miss eating cheap food, I miss hanging out with you all, I miss being top in class (never happen anymore once I enter SGGS. T.T It doesn't matter if the whole standard 4 has only 28 people), I miss being labelled the "smart" one. I used to get 98 marks for my maths okay? Never happen anymore once I enter SGGS. T.T Most of all, I miss being the prefect!!! Not even near to be monitor ever since I got in SGGS. The only time I was monitor was because Angeline and I too bising in class and always buat kacau so the teacher punish us to be monitor for a week. And even then, I was just the assistant cause Angeline ran and took the monitor's badge. T.T

Wei Wei is 20 now, just like me. Welcome to the 20 world. Lol, we are young ladies now. Now, go celebrate. Habis cerita dah.

Then Ewe Yan. He blogs at We got to know each other cause we go to the same tuition. Eric Lim might be Alwyn's best investment but my worst. T.T I went cause Angeline ajak. Last time damn kesian, no friend, Angeline ajak I go nia. But I was a tuition freak back in Form1 to 5. I go tuition 5 days a week, including Saturday and Sunday. We hang out quite a lot last time. All the hotel stays, lepak-lepak, 1 Stop, Gurney, and tuition. Then I think after form 2 we didn't go to same tuition already. Even if we did, it was like I alone go and I mix with chinese school student while Ee Ming and him mix together. Once in a while when I go to my friend's birthday still can see him there. Ha-ha. He likes to play cards. Man, he can play whole night without sleeping. And his plan to go makan always fail. What 5 am go nasi kandar. Then 5 am passed by. Then change, 7 am go dim sum. 7am come, and 7am go. Still playing cards. Lawaks. I rarely talk to him already though. =P

He also 20 liao. Muahhahaha. Everyone is turning 20. Scary shit. I was 13 then. Walao, 7 years liao. T.T Old liao.

Anyway, to my two kawan baik,

Happy 20th birthday!!!
May we be friends for a long long long time still. =)
Two of you are real good friends I can't afford to lose. =)

1 comment:

weiwei said...

ahhhhh so gam dong! almost cry ok! well, i miss our primary school days also. haih hope can meet up with our primary sch friends la. alsi still missing haha. anyway, jodoh brought us together haha. after 4 yrs, still can meet in tuition! hehe!

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