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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

No need surgery also can?

We all know there are a lot of artiste who did some touch up on their breast. Jolin for instance, bullshit la what herbs. I don't believe herbs will make her a G cup lor. Else, she really should be the ambassador of the herbs and sell it like how she sell her album. Be grateful what.

Anyway, recently I came across this site (no, I am not planning to do breast enhancement), it says that we can do it without surgery leh! You don't have to go under a knife, cut here and there, sew back, and be in pain to be pretty leh. All these breast enhancement creams, and massage, will they really work? But I heard that they do lor. Imagine, rubbing some cream onto it and you'll leave the airport forever. Now, this is interesting.

If you think, what la, rubbing cream like this, where can work? Apparently, when you massage it, it'll like merangsang some of your nerves and stuff and ta-da, it gets bigger. And it's not even swollen, so don't worry of it getting back to the airport when the swollen is over. Besides cream, there's also breast enhancement pills. Some people don't believe in massage and cream. They only believe it'll work if it's being consume, goes into your body and do it's miracle work there.

I've heard of drinks and herbs that will work but I never really think they exist. Come on, if it's so easy, no one is going under knife already. Who is so dumb to be in pain when they can do it in a painless way? But then again, if it doesn't work, will they remain in the market for so long? Have any of you tried these and does it work? I am curious and NO, I don't need it. Just kaypo.

I think we should all give this cream a chance. I dare not take the pills if you ask me cause I don't know if it's safe to take something but the cream, can think about it. I cannot imagine going under knife. Just by the thought of it, I feel pains on my body. I think my friends know. They cannot talk about donating organs, giving birth and injuries or accidents to me, I get aches at kawasan-kawasan yang berkenaan. I don't know why but aiya, I cannot la. Think also geli already.

So, any airport wants to be a mountain? Check them out. Neh, finish liao, education on women's part of body. =P

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