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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Internet is lagging

My MSN, Facebook, semua lag. Anyway, KL trip is final, I'll be going to Nuffnang party once I get the ticket.

I'll be out the whole night tonight with the girls. And then tomorrow I'll be out until 4 for Church. I am a busy girl. =P

Hope to get lots of juicy photos of the girls before everyone leaves. T.T

By the way, the party at Vivian's was incredible. I love her house. Can stay in whole day, swimming, play ping pong, watch damn romantic show, show my drumming skill (if any), study and stare at the green wall, play piano (mary had a little lamb), eat by the pool with friends, sun bathe, polish the sports car, exercise, yam cha, slimming. Everything can be done la. Better than a resort my darling. =P No need to share with people.

This will be a boring blog until I get photos from my Church members and I come back to tell you how much fun I had playing bowling. I love bowling. =P


babychyu said...

...ish ish ...
me too..
my whole pc lag once i connected my internet..
i tot only mine..
now i kn i got "KAKi",,!!

Mrs Chong said...

babychyu: haha...yea... "KAKI" pc lag. T.T

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