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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Another reality show,

definitely there'll be another group of people hating the results. I think reality show is bad cause we tend to be bias when we like one contestant or hate one and then we die die also want to say he/she is bad. I admit I am bias when it was Cindy's case. But I just can't help it.

Yesterday was Project Superstar season 3's Grand Finale. For the past two seasons, the one I liked never made it to the top two and I stopped watching. Not because the ones I like did not enter but because I was busy chasing Xing Guang Da Dao. Same air time. And this year, my second sis is back so I very happening la, I always go out on weekends. =P Astro made it harder for me to watch also cause I always watch Astro channel.

I decided to watch the finale cause most of my friends like Hau and I find Kay kind of pretty. So, kaypo want watch also la. Got Guang Liang some more ma. Anyway, I am okay with the result la. I like Kay actually. From the final performance. I think it was quite good. I am in love with the Dui Ni You Gan Jue she sang and OMG, Que Yang almost made me cry. Lol, I don't know she looked sad cause she was trying hard to sing (last song) or was it because she wanted to cry but yes, I was touched.

Before all Ah Hau's fans come and shoot me, I have few things I want to mention. First, I do not know Kay nor did I watch her past performance. I like her because of the performance in the final. I like her cause she seems so comfortable dancing. I mean she was so naturally swaying to the music and enjoying it. I love her stage performance. Besides that, I like the above two song she sang. And she is no doubt, one of the prettiest winner for girls since season 1. She looked gorgeous in every single outfit.

Kay when I first saw her at Gurney Plaza. She was skinny. That's all I can remember at that time. And now, she is the new winner. Man, how can she sleep tonight?

Hah, I think she can sleep la. Like a pig some more. Cause damn tiring leh. She was beautiful that night.

Hopefully I can get some shots from Daniel's Fan Club since I saw Teng's father shooting away on the television. I saw Teng kacau kacau with the Hau's banner, saw Meiling, her sis and her mother. And I think I saw Idolfan also. So nice of them in blue, supporting Hau.

By the way, I used to have this "WTH? o.O" look on my face when I see the past girl winners coming out. This year, their outfit are better and I think Kay is pretty despite being so skinny. Apart from that, I think Kay will make a good cute singer (like Rainie Yang and friends-Angela they all), a good actress and a good performer.

Whereas for Hau, I like Kay more. That's all. I think the second song he sang and the song written for him by the judge was brilliant. I love that two song from him. And damn, their top 2 winning song (the one they had to sing and outbeat each other to be winner for guys and girls?) got stuck in my head. Love, do you love? And it's Eddie's face that appeared in my head. I can't remember the girls'. =P

Oh by the way, Kay won. Yay to the girls. Ok la, to be honest, Hau is a great singer, but if he is cuter a little bit, he would have won, hands down, providing the girl is not much to shout about. But he is average looking with good voice so he lost some votes from those who votes for looks. I do think Kay deserve it for what she did today. Hau will do fine, slower but fine.

One last thing, I really salute Kay for continue singing until the end of the show, in tears and after the emcees thanked the sponsors. I don't know they will continue singing. I like her spirit in performing. I don't know her attitude. =)


Dragon said...

haha, i dont have the chance to watch due to working. i watch the semi and i prefer hau. maybe kay perform better in the final, im not sure. anyway, i still prefer to watch the taiwan xing guang da dao more than this! the 3rd season become better and better!!!! you shd have watched it! now top 14 already!

Mrs Chong said...

u watch on the net? Nvm la..I watching season 2..i want wait they win d only watch..haha..i love liang wen yin... so pretty!!!!!!!

Dragon said...

i dont like her! i dont like yuming either. those i like never get 1 2 and 3. kek si..... i like zeng pei chi, lin yi rong and wu zhong ming. get 4 5 6 instead. >.<

Mrs Chong said...

wu zhong ming good meh???errr...the other two i cant remember the name..hehehe

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