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Friday, May 23, 2008

Wa kena prank. T.T

I was as usual using the comp in the room as there wasn't any bill for me to type and I super tak suka do the forms. Since my cousin is doing it, I curi tulang a bit la. Then the phone rang, he picked up and called me. Now, who calls and ask for me at the office? I am small kacang putih only what.

First thing came to my mind is my eldest sis or any other family member. So I hop hop out and picked up the phone. Walao, guy lai? Never heard the voice before.

Guy: Hi, Ping Ping? Have you received our arrival notice?
Me: HAR? What arrival notice?
Guy: Company XX's arival notice, I just faxed to you.
Me: *Stares at cousin* Go get it.
*cousin brought it* Ya, got already.
Guy: *change to hokkien* You know who am I ar?
Me: Don't know.
Guy: I am DL la (not daniel lee)
Me: Walao, scare me only.
Guy: Why you so gan cheong? Arrival notice nia mar.

Me: *shy only* Cause I don't usually pick up phones or do such stuff mar.

And the rest of the conversation tak ada kaitan already. And my friend really work in another company. He is not even that department. Saja call and scare me.

Yes, now you know I gaji buta one. T.T I shy liao.


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