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Friday, January 02, 2009

Second day of 2009

It feels so unreal. I mean 2009 already!!!!!!! I hope I don't write wrong dates =P

Anyway, I don't know what my future lies ahead but I hope I don't screw up as much!! As I grow older, I somehow feel certain stuff no longer mean anything to me. To others, it's like a severe sickness cause YOU CANNOT NOT CARE OR THINK ABOUT IT but to me, it's just another phase in my life that I have enough. I've grown up/old. Take your pick!
Ah Win has left Penang island and is now in KL. She'll be going back to Labuan tomorrow and we'll have to wait another 4 to 5 months to see her. I wished I spent more time with her now. Boo. I hate reality, they sucks. =( To the rest who are still here, I think we should spend more time together cause I don't want to regret when one by one leaves Penang.

I LOVE THEM!!!!! And my eldest sister. Muaks.

Hee, hiding behind the menu. Siao po. =P

Camwhore. From every angle. I love this picture. =P

Seriously reading their menu cause they write in Hokkien and that's the best dialect in the whole wide world. =P At least to me. I simply love my own mother tongue so much, I wish I can see it more often. These pictures are taken in Perut Rumah. I love the environment and I think it manage to preserve the history in there. =)
Super random. I am just bored. =P

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