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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oh the joy

Of sleeping before 12 and waking at 9.

I love my Wednesday. But a long day ahead. =) Just an hour break in between classes.

Everyone is enjoying their life in their respective uni and I ought to enjoy too. Let's just start off with the social-life reviving plan first. =P

Anyways, the plan to keep my budget below RM5 is somewhat successful. I have been spending roughly about RM5-6 every day for my food cause I can't control the price that the aunty want to charge right? And I've been diligently eating lots of vege and loving it!!!! Let's just hope I don't start to have self pity cause I see other people eating meat and fish and other yummy food while I eat veges, veges and more veges to keep my budget low.

Let's pray too that I won't gain weight. T_____T Damn scared. If cannot lose I not that sad, gain la yang sedih.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This post motivates me to do budget too since the ptptn cut the rm1500.. Keep up the good habit of eating veggies.. ;)

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