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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

When a stone was asked to be creative

After writing about 4 paragraphs of the similarities and differences between sounds that animals' produce and human's language, I am now facing the computer, thinking of 5 names for soap products.

T_________________T I actually kinda like her creative ways on asking questions to make the class interesting but I guess I only enjoy the part where people are creative and I'm just there, sitting and staring and admiring. I am the last person in the whole entire world that you would call creative or interesting or whatsoever. I have lousy arts skills, a kindy kid can draw much better, I don't have any creativity in writing stories or interesting speeches or being interesting myself.

I hope this will help me to unleash the creative part of me and OH, my lecturer opened the written task segment for us to submit again today. Thank Lord. Now I have to go and think of 3 more soap names.

I put Hunny Moon and Aloha Burst. T.T Haih, have to go and make a fool outta myself now. Baiz.


I added 3 more. Berrilicious, Lemonice and Cupcakes. Baiz.


U-Jean said...

what about "Saboon" for the soap?

Mrs Chong said...

u-jean: We had to explain some more...but that task over d i think... =P We had to give 5 only and I simply give.. =P

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