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Friday, January 30, 2009

Gems of Life

First of all, nope, not talking about the drama. I did not watch that drama. I am talking about my friends!!!!! Finally, two days that is filled with activities. I can easily be placed on the table with other steamboat stuff k? Was almost turning into a mushroom already.

CNY Day 3
Was supposed to meet up at 1pm but as usual, the drivers are late. I said drivers instead of driver because Ah Win was fetching me to meet Diana and we were to change car.

Anyway, at about 2p.m. or so, Diana came and we hopped onto her car and off we go to fetch Jen. All acting coolio like that. Not very cool only. =P

Ah Win's expression is always priceless. She was 'hoi-ing' me for taking her picture.

After we fetched Jen, we went Queensbay and decided to have our lunch at Sushi King. As there was many people at that time, the wait was almost unbearable. We cancelled a few orders and left la. We went shopping and walking around.
And taking pictures!!!!!

We had to take these pictures ourselves as in 4 people 4 people ala our KL style because we dare not approach anyone to ask for help. =P Finally, with Diana's long hands, we managed to take one where 5 of us are in it.

At about 6, we got bored and off we go to Pos Laju to get Diana's stuff.

And then we went Jemputree for dinner. The food was alright, the ambience and atmosphere was ok but it was the mosquitoes that I cannot stand. So we hurriedly finish our dinner and lari lintang-pukang. Jen was like, "kira the money in the car la," and we ran off (literally).

This is the only picture that I managed to get everyone doing the same pose. Usually Diana and Yi Lin tak layan us one. T_T But everything is fine now, we have successfully convert them into camwhores too.

Lots of silly pictures of me and NICE PICTURES OF JEN. How can? Her sis put make-up on her so nice k? Her lashes and all. Ours were insignificant compared to hers. =(

And you think we are satisfied with just dinner? We went Sunset Bistro shortly after that for makan angin and also some beer session. I had Ice Blended Mocha only okay? We walked along the pasar malam to since we were already there and took picture at The Ship. Lol.

CNY Day 4
Our Yeap Shan Shan yang selalu tak kira with us invited us to go to her place for lunch and K session. Boy, was that K session fun. Anyways, she told us we were going to have fried noodles and she served us with steamboat. Haiz. Why she like that? And I got 3 ang pow that day. La la la. I thought my sesi ang pow sudah berakhir for tahun 2009.

If you can see, see Ah Win's face. So cute. Sibuk makan. She kept saying "very full liao" and continue taking more noodles and more food.

After filling our stomachs with food, we became singers. =P They were all singing with emotions.

And while singing, you camwhore too!!!!! So we sang and we camwhored.

Took group pictures with mic. Yes, I am always holding the microphone because I refused to part with it. =P I was in mood for singing I supposed.

Swee Win and I decided to give the rest a good show by singing and moving at the same time. T___T We got caught on candid camera.

I love these people la~~


ps: Family also very important okay? Aiseh, I actually missed the emmoes outing to Kek Lok Si for family steamboat cause family is very important. T______T Next year you all still want go Kek Lok Si or not? I never been before leh. Whoever who've been there, don't 'sia' (lure/tempt) me. =(


Jen said...

i will never ever go kek lok si ever again!!! so packed and jammed wit carsss and peoplesss!! i have to pay 4buck to see pagoda and the guan yin >.<

Swee Win said...

y u never go !? haha..yala..go once can d .. yalo..spent rm4..kek sim abit lo. hahaha.. at 1st i dwna sit cble car d ur post manyak interesting.. haha..

Mrs Chong said...

jen: Har??? Means I no chance go liao meh?

Swee Win: sedihs la. Dun ask why la. Eh, first time u say my post interesting leh...usually u complain boring, too much words and stuff.

Diana said...

kek lok si is so fun! but my baby jenjen say dont wana go liau so means i also cannot go liau =(

i did not get to see the kura-kura T.T

Diana said...

arini online <3

Diana said...

lalallalalalala spammm

Mrs Chong said...

diana: aiseh...I thought so many people comment mana tau, tiga-tiga also jen dowan go means tarak chance go d..chieh...

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