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Monday, January 12, 2009

I hope I can stay sane till CNY

We have 2 assignments that we must hand in before CNY, many assignments given to us but we will only have to hand in on February but still!!!!!!!

I don't know why but this semester seems to be squeezing my creative juices and all my energy out from me. I self-declare that I am a weakling. =( I hope I can stay sane and intact till this whole sem is over. Life seems to get harder and I don't think I am ready for all these yet.

Basically now I have 5 homework that I have to finish by next week and it's only the second day of the week. I have another two days to know if my homework remains at 5 or will increase. I have one book review to do, one assignment on some creative thinking shit to do. Let's pray that I can pull this off man.

I don't have time to relax also. I got back at 5.30 today, bathed and have dinner till 6.30 and I took an hour off cause I'm so worn out. I have to work on my assignments now and hopefully, hopefully I'll be able to go to bed early today.

at 10.21p.m., I've just completed one draft for my assignment that I have to pass to my coursemate tomorrow, my English work for tomorrow and almost finished preparing for my presentation on Wednesday. You might think it's nothing but I've been working on it since 7.40p.m. and just now when I was doing it, my brain almost burst. T.T

It's like I put too much stress on my huge head, petite brain. I am going to rest until 11 and see if I want to continue with another assignment. Just get it started.

Now I know why when I am back home, I prefer to stay at home and not ronda here and there. I am exhausted. I hope I can make it till Wednesday and relax~~


reddaisie said...

buey buey..buey buey..
can u hear me buey??
u still ok??
gambate..come back then i take u kai kai..hahhaha

Mrs Chong said...

I managed to survive this week and I got 11 more to go!!!!!!!! Congratulate me already.

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