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Monday, January 19, 2009

I think I am an ant-eater my past life

If not how come wherever I go, I got ants with me? My house got like billions and billions on ants like we are living in their city like that and now I got ants crawling all over my table at my hostel.

Can you believe it? My hand was on my mouse and then I felt something. WHAT THE ?!! Got ants crawling on my hands just because I did not move my hand on top of the mouse. Madness.

I dare not find the source of the ants because I scared I'll see corpse of a stupid lizard or something.

And then again, maybe the main and only reason I got ants wherever I go is that I am sweet. =P *turns on metal skin mode*

ps: You know what day is today? It's MONDAY!!!! And tomorrow?? It's TUESDAY!! It's not just Tuesday but TUESDAY!!!! I am going to McD tomorrow with a bunch of my coursemates and then comes Wednesday and it's not just any Wednesdays cause we'll go paint Captain Ball League's flag. Then it's Thursday and it's not just any Thursday cause I AM GOING HOME!!!!! I love uni. =P

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