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Thursday, January 08, 2009

I am stuck in the library.

I actually have one class only today which is from 9-11 am and it's right opposite my hostel. Then why did I walk all the way to the library which is about 5 minutes walk instead of going back to my room which is like 1-2 minute walk? I have to give allowance of 1 or 2 minutes cause I have to cross the road. If you know me well enough, I suck at that. T.T

Anyways, I cannot go back to my room yet because the people there are fixing a steel bed for us. Good, now my roommate can hear all the squeaking sound I make when I twist 'n turn in bed every night. I don't know why they want to change it into the steel one. I suggest they change our mattress and not the bed frame. Seriously.

So right now I am a homeless person and I am going lunch with Yi Lin at 1p.m. After her class. I am hungry already. =(

Yesterday we had fire drill. I sempat change pants some more. =P

The end of my boring post. I wanna post about this shake I am drinking. Later when my room is done. Imma post about it. YUMMY!!!


T_______T The room is dirty like siao. I will probably take picture of the condition of my room some time next week cause I don't have a camera with me. =) I had to sweep, mop, wipe. It's even dirtier than the first day I came. And I am so worn out now. It is supposed to be my day to relax k?

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