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Monday, January 05, 2009

I want cry liao!!!!

My lecturer put some assignments and homework on the website and I did not see them because I am noob like that and I am quite lost in the website. Mana I tau got assignment??? Boohoo. When I see don't have pun. Or I thought they are all the same??? BOOHOO...

And hor, there's this writing assignment that we must hand in by 10 tonight. When I read about it, it was approximately 10.06p.m. T_______________T

And the ELLS students are participating actively in the forum but I did not cause I cannot think of a smart think to write there. I hope she allows me to write tomorrow cause creative juices like this must be squeezed out. Especially when mine does not produce much juices.

And I rushed through the quiz and got 7/10. Haih, I am such a terrible student la. I guess I have to go find the lecturer tomorrow and see if she will extend the due date. Furthermore, she asks questions that needed us to think out of the box and I have been a square person for as long as I lived. I only know how to read/answer whatever that is stated in the book or somewhere.

I guess I need to put on my creative cap. =P Must be full of dust now if it ever exist.


Anonymous said...

less facebook
less msn
less chitchat..

sure can siap :D

Mrs Chong said...

jason: siap dah...but that time lecturer tak bagi submit...ehhehee

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