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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is this a good end? Will there be a good beginning?

I am not sure whether I wrote this because I really want to reflect on my life and make new resolution or just to conform to everyone else cause everyone is writing it. I have written one on reflecting on my life on 2008 some time ago. I guess there's just very few things to add.

1. I am beginning to love my classes and my coursemates more now. I don't know but I guess I finally feel that I belong I guess. =P

2. I still loves my high school friends cause each time I laugh when I'm with them, it's a sincere one and I think that is very important.

The rest I think I did an okay job in wrapping them up in my previous post.

I think I better go on with my resolution. I will make realistic ones cause I never used to fulfil my resolution. Not even once as far as I can remember.

So let's make 2009 a great one. Yes? No? Time will tell.

Well, I hope that
1. I can control my grumpiness and anger. I guess it's time to grow up and love everyone around me more. Although I regret everytime I am grumpy, it's still not right to do that.

2. I can stand up to myself for once. If someone cheated me, I should be able to stand up to myself and claim my own rights.

3. I will grow more in Jesus and be more complete spiritually. He has answered many of my questions since I was a small child. I know He is with me at all times but sometimes I ought to forget to thank Him (especially during meals).

4. I can read the Bible. I have not officially read the bible in a whole and I hope I can do it in 2009! I think I should set a time in a day for Bible reading or something.

5. I can social more. I know I have the 'talkative' sign stamped on my forehead since young but ever since I enter USM, I guess things changed. Sometimes I chose not to talk as I am afraid I will say something silly (which I always do) and I guess I have began to be anti-social.

6. I can continue my Operasi Budget Bawah RM5 as that was the time I lost most weight and save most money. One stone kill two birds. =)

7. I will be healthy and has less tummy uncomfort. It's getting annoying that I feel it all the time now.

8. I can be more open and less sensitive. I think this is stamped on my forehead alongside my 'talkative' symbol. I have been overly sensitive since I was born or something and most of my high school friends have at least once commented on it. Well, I get more upset after listening to it. =P Of course I will be sensitive when I am talking about other people. That is tactful darling.

9. I can study harder and hopefully get a better result cause competition is so sengit nowadays. Either you are with them, or away from them and I think it's important to be alongside to those who are high up cause I don't want to be jobless. The ambition to be 'siu lai lai' is more impossible than to score good result. That's how sucky my love life is. =P

Let's just make 9 resolution to receive the arrival of 2009.

Cheers friends. Life can be better. =) *I AM CORNY LIKE THAT!*


Anonymous said...

Hi, happy new year!!! It's the best time to reflect our past experience. U go to the countdown? Yo, you changed your banner liao.. So lucky oh u, get to take a pic with your idol (Daniel).. Anyway, hope the best for the next year, the year when we will turn 21.. (OMG!!)

Simon Loh said...

ping ping..
happy new year ^^

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: Yea...I did not no countdown. I reach home at 11.52p.m. =P Yea, changed banner. Hehehe. Hope we get a good year ahead k???

simon: Kam xia li..

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