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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Say yay to new clothes!!

I am going to do the traditional everyone-has-done-it thing and wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year!!

1. Collect lots of ang paos k??? And keep them in the bank or hide them in places people can't find. I learnt this the hard way kay?

2. Indulge first, diet later. =P

3. Wear all the new clothes and buy more after that cause finished wearing already. =P

4. Chill and watch more TV. Especially to those who will have to go back hostel and be deprived of television's presence after this one week.

5. Do your assignments. Damn potong steam. But..

Ok la.. Happy CNY!!!!!!! =) No pictures cause I lazy. House not yet finished decorating. After we finished I'll take a picture okay? =)


Mich Oon said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai~ Ang Pau Na Lai!! May the year of the OX is a better year for you. Stay cute and happy always. Love, Michy

Simon Loh said...

haha..stay cute!
happy CNY!!
gong xi fa chai!

Mrs Chong said... two betul-betul think i cute ker u two saja perli...cis... =P Happy CNY to two of u too...Gong Xi Fa Chai...

weiwei said...

stay cute! i saja perli HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA gong hei fatt choy!

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