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Sunday, January 04, 2009

When to say shit?

- When that's what you want to do.
- When you fall down or drop something.
- When something taste like it (if you have ever tasted it la)
- When you beh syok something.

And finally,

- When this Friday is 9th of Jan and you have not done your assignments!!!!!!!!!

***UPDATED!!! Assignment is to be handed in on 19th and not 9th. BWAHAHAHHA. Paiseh only.

I am dead alright? Oh and I am pissed of with someone cause she sold me a 3rd hand book at an unbelievable high price and she tried to make me feel guilty cause I made a big fuss over it when I found out. WALAO EH!!!!!!! I respect and trusted you because I never thought you'll be so daring or tak tau malu to cheat a junior who DID NOT EVEN GO TO YOU TO ASK FOR THE BOOK!!! You came and offer me the book and I am supposed to SHUT UP even when I am SERIOUSLY CHEATED?

That's the first and the last time you are ever going to get your books sold cause NO ONE FROM MY YEAR OR THE YEAR AFTER WILL BUY YOUR BOOK!!!!!

I was ok before this but I am very angry now cause SHE PROBABLY EVEN EARN AFTER SELLING ME THE BOOKS.

I have never met someone as tak tau malu as that. Respect MY ASS.

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