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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Of Vivian's house

Small talk: Not to be rude to post this in a post that is titled " Of Vivian's house" but this one is classic!!!!! Canto swearing. Look for the last line. Too horrible to translate....BWAHAHAHHAHA...

You can call me 'sampat' or mempersiasuikan. I don't care. All I want to say is, THE HOUSE SHE DECORATED FOR WAS INSANELY HUGE AND PRETTY!!!! I've seen the house before it was renovated (another unit) and I've seen the one she decorated. Really, she turned that place into a more classy and expensive look, not that it doesn't look expensive or classy on its own. That freaking place worth more than a million k?

This is the grand entrance (pun intended). We were walking around the house and we went to the maid's balcony area (yes, they have maid's balcony) and we can see the house below it. That's when you'll know that not all big house looks classy and grand and expensive. Even if that place cost millions. You really need interior designer's help. If you can afford that house, I'm sure you can afford ID lor. It's like you see a hotel's entrance and a flat kinda entrance. Such vast difference.

The 5 year old girl's room. She got a HUGEEEEEE wardrobe that she doesn't even need with a toilet. SHE HAS HER OWN TOILET OKAY? And gosh, look at that Cinderella looking bed. And that lip shape chair, and that light, and that curtains. Sigh. Why am I not rich?

LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS LIGHTS AND CURTAINS!!!! She has my dream room. I hate her whoever she is. =(

Gosh, my princess bed. T.T

I KNOW, so selamba-ly sit on people's chair and take picture some more. =P

The dining area. THIS IS A FREAKING SHOW ROOM K? I mean the style. The kitchen is like the one you see on television where there's a bunch of ladies pretending to make salad and praise the fridge like it has a brain and a soul on its own.

The living area. And my CG members. They are sure young at heart. Or I am old at heart. No la, the former la though Wei Wei will say it's the latter. Tsk. Heartless. LOOK AT THAT CEILING AND LIGHTS. T_T I thought hotel and restaurants will put such lights only. And the chair, it's solid alright? You can hear the waves from here. No wonder some of my CG members almost fall asleep.

The walk-in cupboard. WALK-IN CUPBOARD! I am not even greedy okay? I only ask for a normal-buy-from-the-shop cupboard. And they got a walk-in cupboard with a make-up table. MOU TIN LEII ARRRR.

The bath tub where you can see the sea on your right. You can mandi and tengok laut sekali.

My sis and I and another CG member. She was taking a picture of the sauna. Yes, they have sauna in their own home.

More of our shots because the mirror is just so big.

My final take of the toilet. They got two sink alright? Nicer than hotels. =P

A closer shot of the dining area. The maid is going to have a hard time cleaning the chair.

And finally, our CG members. Our CG was on the 16th and 17th that night. We were about to go home when suddenly they say, "LET'S GO THE COVE!!!! SEE THE HOUSE VIVIAN DESIGNED FOR." We are sure random.

I had to put this up. OMG ECX WON THAT BATTLEGROUND!! Other than because the leader was so attractive and gosh, talented people are simply irresistable *like linyuzhong*, they really got me interested and chasing this show every single week. I mean I am not a dance kinda person. I am more to the singing-competition kinda person because I know crapshit about breakdancing or hip hop let alone popping and locking which was pretty new to my dictionary. But really, these few groups got me wanting to watch more and more of them. They might not be the handsome-to-death who make heads turn but they were talented alright? You cannot deny their talent, you just can't. Those who have missed Battleground '08, I think you really should try to watch the replay or something. IT WAS AN INCREDIBLE SHOW.


Diana said...

jom beli one unit there

Mrs Chong said...

hohoho...u beli for me?

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