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Friday, January 02, 2009

Someone messaged me

and told me that I left my book in DK I. I had a class there on Tuesday but MY BOOK? There? A notebook some more. Is it mine?

Because he said there's my name and phone number on the first page but I don't think I left anything there leh. Besides it has my name. I don't recall writing my name on any of my book this sem. And I don't recall leaving back anything in DK I.

I will go check it out later. Perhaps it's my friend's book since it's pretty absurd to write my own name and phone number on the first page. Damn syok sendiri like that. Whoever that Eugene person is, thank you.

Crap lor. Scare me only. HAHAHA.


It's my senior's book. So no admirer, no people arm luin me unfortunately. =P

I was thinking, poor Eugene, must have thought this Ping Ping girl is some hot chick. Future architect some more *my senior has all her papers and notes in there*.


sHaN sHaN said...

haha...maybe ur admirer leh...xD
i am going back later...tata...see you during cny... miss ya...

Jen said...

yaya!! must be ur peminat lai!!! he am liun u!!!

Jen said...

eh how come u write ur hp no on ur book 1??? i also want write d xD

Mrs Chong said...

shan: Oh...we only met up for few times ni right? I rindu u.... =(( Not my admirer la...

jen: Arm ur luin's my friend's book. She wrote my name and phone number on the first page. That's why I was wondering I where got write my own name and phone number on my book? HAHA

Poor Eugene. He must have thought I am some hot architect LOL.

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