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Saturday, January 03, 2009

I forgot about Tang Yuan

Lol, I think I did mention that I want to blog about Tang Yuan but I forgot. So here it is. =P

This year after our Datin mogok makan, she fell sick and couldn't be the leader for this time's activity. Therefore the naib leader, my eldest sister took over and we made a mess out of it. =P Never trust a younger generation at this. =P

We started off with the white one and production line were all very efficient. Sometimes jammed a little but everything goes on well.

Then ta-da, second sis decided to put some peanut butter cause NO ONE EATS THE SMALL ONE LA *quote Pao*. Besides that, focus on the tang yuans. Look at how messily they are arranged. When our Datin is around, she made sure we put white ones with the white ones, pink with pink, yellow with yellow and stuff. But when the cat is away, the mice comes out to play. We will roll it and put it in ANY PLACE THAT IS EMPTY. We don't care la if it's the pink's territory.

Ta-da. Our campur campur tang yuan. Lol, looks so messy and inconsistent. Like us. =P Sekejap besar sekejap kecil. Some even got the peanut butter peeking out. =P No wonder Datin no eye see. We did not even use the ones we made to pray cause we broke some rules. =P Those who celebrate Tang Yuan should roughly know la.

Can you see the white one with brown spots? That's peanut butter ones. =P And this year's dough was very hard. Tak sedap. =( The aunty who made the dough tak pro la. Not us.
That's the end of our Tang Yuan celebration last year. I am glad I am home to do it with them cause I thought it's on Sunday night but last year they changed to Saturday night. =))



Doralin Lee said...

Wah!!! Basi post liau lo.... but very interesting anf funny la u people. I am sure ha, most of the out of shape 'tang yuan' was made by you la hor? Hehehehe!

Mrs Chong said...

NOT ME... =P Pao also got.. HAHAHHA...No la...we started off very efficient and round k? Then we got tired and bored and started rolling 2 3 balls a time... =P

Hui Ping said...

wahh... ur tang yuen keat lor...
super byk lro..
chiak eh liau ar...

Mrs Chong said...

hui ping: that one not my department... =P I went back early the next day... =P

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