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Friday, January 16, 2009

I am home already

Actually I came home yesterday night. I wanted to stay in Fajar till today before coming back but it was so hot, I was so depressed.

But it's the lizard that hit the jackpot woih. I was doing my assignment, feeling hot and lonely and I spotted IT.

THAT HUGE LIZARD!!!!!! I was terrified I almost cried. Don't say I am a chicken la. I am like 100 times bigger than the lizard but I have scary encounter with them and I really CANNOT stop feeling scared. So I called my mum and asked her to fetch me yesterday. So here I am, doing my assignment at the comfort of my own home while watching Journey to the West on Astro.

It's amazing how it feels that time passes so slowly. It used to fly past just like that last sem. Okie dokie, I will go do my assignment and finish up my sister's worship songs for tonight. Then I can go kai kai when she's back. =)


weiwei said...

eh how long u need to finish up ur assignment? i need to estimate my time too WTF

Mrs Chong said...

weiwei: Lol...i did a crap job for the Dr.A one and I used about 2 hours. And another one, STILL DOING WTF...since yesterday noon... WTF

sianG sianG said...

wow~~ so good at home d...
I am soooooo miss my sweet bed !!! haha
I 23/1/09 next fri only can go home T.T
but u seems like very busy too.. even u alr reached home... hehe

Mrs Chong said...

siang: ya relax tiok la...but once i go back uni i'll have to suffer 3 i dun feel guilty for relaxing. =P

i next week oso thursday morning come back d lu...

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