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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is this how CNY should be?


That's me with my aunty hair looking at my eldest sis fixing the 'chai'.

Ah Ma's offerings to our ancestors and god I think.

As my eldest sis had to work and we finished mopping the floor late, we did not go to my dad's place for reunion dinner. Instead we had our reunion dinner outside. Nope, not restaurant. Not even hotel. We went to eat Nasi Kandar for our reunion dinner. Actually, my family never had reunion dinner la. We don't practise that. =P So Nasi Kandar was it. Then we went back to our old house, grandma made offerings, sis and I just hang around our house and our neighbour's.

Me in my new baju and pants on CNY eve.
It says Little Miss Bad! =P
The old house where I stayed was much 'lau juak' (meriah, happening) compared to my current place. So we had fun looking at fireworks and people playing firecrackers. Saw many of the youngsters that I've been seeing since young and gosh, we've all grown up and going on REALLY different paths.

The super bising firecrackers. Imagine standing there with these firecrackers blasting off one after another as other neighbours too join in the fun and play more of them. Deafening.

CNY Day 1
My house deco. So red!!!!I like. =P

I love this area. Love the flower!!!
Wake up pretty late as relatives will be visiting our place and not us visiting them. And to think that most of my relatives are not a morning person and having almost half of them sleeping at 6am cause they went around 7 temples to pray, I guess waking up at 10.30 was pretty safe. True enough, the only one who came by early was my dad. We waited until about 12 before one aunt came with my cousin-Anna. Then the next batch was 6.30p.m.
Pao and I.

So basically my sis and I played pictionary the whole day, eat, watch television and even slept. When we woke up, we continued playing pictionary. That's how our first day went by. Cool huh?

CNY Day 2
As for today, my second sister woke me up at 7.50a.m to go to Botanical Garden with her. Yes, on the 2nd day of CNY, we went exercising with hundred over people. All who probably stuffed themselves with too much food on CNY eve and CNY day 1 and decided to burn some fats.

I doubt I burned any since I still got huge tummy but yes, it was a good work out. =))

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