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Friday, June 19, 2009

The haze is back

And believe me, IT'S BAD!!!!

Before we moved into this new place which is actually not very new anymore (1 year plus), I will walk out of my house and try to snap pictures of hazy skies. I remembered starting this blog with a post of the hazy sky. I was rather lame last time.

Anyway, it's back now and it's so much easier for me to know if it's hazy because of the wonderful view we have in our place.

Photos of evidence.

On normal nights when there's no haze.

Beautiful isn't it? You can see the lights on the mainland.

On normal days when haze is not a problem.

You can see the mountains, a little of the mainland's building.

On a day where haze is terrible (today)

No mountains, let alone the buildings on the mainland. I could barely see the sea.

Zoom in, look at the buildings on the mainland. Very vague right? All covered by the haze.

It rained a while just now but it's not clearing up the sky. Guess we'll have to drink lotsa water to prevent getting sick. =))


Kikey Loo said...

u have a very good view from ur house!!

Mrs Chong said...

kikey: yea... =))

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