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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Games and Stealing

Note: Please don't come and lecture me about stealing on the internets and all those, I am not a perfect person living in an imperfect world.

So I was sitting there, playing my Barn Buddy on my Facebook with my sis looking over my shoulder. I have an impressive (to me) 114,562 BB coins (BB-Barn Buddy) in my account and sitting at the 7th level of the game.

Pao : So this is what you do all the time?

Ping : Yep, it's kinda fun you know. I'm rich here!!!

Pao : Basically you go to everyone's farm and steal their crops and then sell it? And sometimes water their plants or clear weeds and bugs?

Ping : Yups. *still too engrossed in the game to look at the poor sister*

Pao : Why would you water people's plant or clear weeds and bugs when you steal their crops?

Ping : Oh, cause we get BB coins and improve our experience to increase our level.

Pao : This game not good la, teaches kids to steal.

Ping : Sometimes I get bitten by dogs if they have one. And I'll lose coins.

Pao : And you even get bitten by dogs. *shrugged, gave up and left me alone*

Although I am big enough to know it's not right to steal in a real life situation, this game actually got me really thinking and feeling like a thief. I mean it's fun to get lots of coins and steal from people's crops and get people scolding you in their customized message. I mean if I were to plant my own crops and only sell my own crops, it'll take a much longer time to get to my first 100k.

Besides, if I don't steal from people, people will steal my crops. Then after I stole from people, I have to go on else people will continue stealing mine. Then I rugi la. Although this might not be how a thief feels like but really, that feeling suck. Cause I'll be so worried of my crops being stolen.

And imagine, the only reason I go around clearing people's weeds like I really care (initially I did it out of love before I found out I can earn exp points and coins.) is because I'll get rewarded. What kind of nonsense is this? That's it, I'm leaving the game. I won't have time for it when I'm back in uni anyway.


weiwei said...

yea u just stole my tomatoes one hour ago!

Mrs Chong said...

weiwei: the tomatoes look fresh...hahahah...die la...i sudah develop the liking to steal.. T___T

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