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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yi Lin brought us to Kapitan & Gasoline

Note: Title is like that because Win and I can't drive. So there's always someone who'll fetch us to go to places. So in future, I'll name my posts like this. =))

It was the night before I'll leave for KL and the last time I see Swee Win for this holiday. Dressed up and left home at about 9.30p.m.

Ordered cheese naan only to be greeted with shiny layer of oil. Wasted lots of tissue papers, wiping the oil off the naan. What is this man. After eating our so-called supper, they suggested that we go to Gasoline at Time Square. I've never been there. I've been to Gasolines in KL but never the one in Penang so we said YES!
Win was a little late so we took pictures while walking to Gasoline.

Then Win is not there yet so we took more camwhore pictures in the 'cave'. We were supposed to be cavewoman.
Then Win came. With her mum.

If you don't know how Win calls someone, refer to above picture. Swee Win is hitting her mum (hard) to ask her what she wants to order.
Then we took a IC photo. T__T Sit so straight. Bag used to hide tummy.

While waiting for the food, we took even more photos. Last photo on the left is to show that I got long fingers while Yi Lin doesn't. =)) And us pointing at a unsuspecting bat.

Food comes and TARZAN IS THE BEST DRINK EVER!!!! Chocolate with banana. Bestest. Order Tarzan ok? You don't have to be Jane.

Then again, mandatory pictures with food. Don't ask me why lok, it's like a tradition. We always pose with food. Had a great night with these lovelies and got home slightly after 1am. Gosh, gonna miss everyone when everyone is no longer in Penang. =((

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