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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Standout Party- The Pink Stocking Game

I am putting up videos of that game session because it's freaking hilarious. But I think the game was more hilarious 'live' than when recorded with my camera. Anyhow as I've already recorded the game and uploaded it the entire day (I didn't know the last video a bit cranky), watch and pretend to laugh ok?

First up is Susan Kenny Boyle with one guy which I don't know who. Please say hi if you come in here and I'll link you up. The first round, Kennysia won hands down.

Then it was the Mexican Man with that Sparta guy. The Sparta guy really did struggle to win but I noticed that he was wearing slippers. It was probably too slippery for him and he began sliding towards the other chair. So the Mexican man won.

The final round was between Kennysia and the Mexican man. As you might have noticed, Susan Kenny Boyle won in matter of seconds. I guess the Susan Kenny Boyle was too strong for anyone to defeat him.

Will blog about the event tomorrow although Pao blogged about it already. I guess I still have something to say on my behalf afterall.

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