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Friday, June 26, 2009

I thought it was war

Last night or more specifically this morning,
I suddenly heard a loud 'BOOM' and I woke up.
I was very tired, I could barely open my eyes,

Then I nudge Pao,
"What is happening?"
I held her tight and she just gave me the assurance tap,
I fall back into sleep, still holding her tight,
Then again, 'BOOM!'
I held even tighter.

It continued for quite some time,
waking me up in fear each time,
until I fall back into
deep slumber.

Then when morning came,
I wave my hand to my eldest sis who was in our room,
I made the tap-chest action and she asked,
'Why? Thunder ar?'
I nodded.
She smiled, 'I knew it.'

I received a message after that,
'hey michael jackson passed away d. Eh Mei u know
last night i yang u when u were scared? He he. When you asked
me why so loud i wanted to tell you It's war but too sleepy
to talk. Ha ha.'

Sigh, who do I run to when I'm afraid when I'm back in uni?

ps: When we first moved in, I really saw that zig-zag lightning across the sky and was traumatized ever since, thinking that it'll strike me.
pps: I really thought it was war. It sounded like we kena bomb. So terrifying.


weiwei said...

i only saw the lighting thru the lubang lubang of my window. u know my window always close mia. i thought some ppl taking pic wtf coz takda sound wan last night..EH u know the recipe for pasta and heh bi? HAHAHAHAHA eh u can run to grasshopper.. bao bei dui bu qi, bu shi bu ai ni.. wtf

youngcampbell said...

you took the photo?? it's beautiful! :D

Mrs Chong said...

weiwei: what run to grasshopper?? Got, tml give u..hahahaha...u got smile and do the peace sign or not? HAHHAHAHHAHAHA

YULI: Actually i took it from the net only.

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