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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Johnny's and Dao Rae

Usually, on Saturdays, I will follow my sis and Mr Lim out for lunch and we'll go try different types of food. Yes, I'm a light bulb. Anyways, few weeks back, we went to Queensbay because we wanted to have dinner at Dao Rae which is near Queensbay.

For lunch we had it at Johnny's steamboat place. I LOVEEEEEEEEE the Papaya Pok Pok there. So much yummier compared to the Mango Pok Pok I had in Bangkok. So much more soury, spicy and nutty.
For dinner we went to Dao Rae.

Ordered BBQ beef and chicken. Forgot all the names. T___T It was quite some time ago okay? Gimme a break. Beef was good!!!! Chicken was okay but really, what's the point of naming the dish 'spicy something' when it is not spicy at all???

Yum-ness for the side dishes there. I love the egg and the kimchi and the mash potato. Overall though, I think Korean Palace is better. Price wise, almost the same. But side dishes in Korean Palace according to Pao is better. Well, I really love the few I mentioned but I still can't get over Korean Palace's jiu hoo (dried cuttle fish).
I am craving for Korean Palace now.

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