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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nuffnang & Tiger's Standout Party

Last year, I went to the Wild Live Blogging Party but Pao could not make it as she was in Hong Kong I think. Reading back, I took so many pictures with so many bloggers last time. This time deteriorate BADLY. Sigh. A bit regret. =((

Anyway, we got there in the most un-outstanding way ever and left the same way. We got there at about 8.45p.m. in VERY NORMAL CLOTHES (I mean it) and got lost among the crowd.

Then we proceeded to attack the very much di-attacked food. Sigh, like you go for a battle and you shout 'FIRE!!' only to find the villagers are all dead. No fun.

We missed out quite a lot of photo taking sessions and also some games which I will explain later.
#1. I went with my sis and her two friends.

#2. That's me waiting in line to take picture with Cheesie/Ringo.

#3. Whee my turn.
She remembered me from the DKNY Mother and Daughter Look Alike contest. We talked a bit with her asking me about the prize for the contest. She even exclaimed that my sis and I were so semangat to go down to KL just for the event. I am surprised I did that too.

#4. With PinkPau who went as...guess who?
She asked me to guess and I say Police Woman lo. Sigh, so cin cai answer. She told me NO!! I'm Cecilia Cheung from Edison's video. Ah!!!! XD She is very friendly, asking me how I am and everything. I'm glad she still remember me from the last event since it was a year ago already. But then again, she was my leader.

#5. Posing with Tiger Beer. A MUST.
If you know me well, you'll know that I don't drink alcohol. So this is just merely posing for the camera. Nope, did not drink even one bit. I drank the sea coconut only.

My only high school friend who is as active as I am in these kinda stuff. Also Mei Phing but she wasn't there so. I only seen Sammy there for a short while. Then she left to be with her friends and I went to the stage area.

#7. Diese, Jessica and I.
Then I met two other Penangites. One who always travels (Diese) and another one who is working in KL now (Jessica).

#8. Diese and I
After Jessica walked off to take pictures with other bloggers, I asked for another picture with Diese.

#9. Suet Li and I

I saw SuetLi and Audrey near the entrance and told my sister that we have to take picture with them. So we did. Sigh, Suet Li and Audrey and Ringo and everyone else are so beautiful that night.
In fact they look exactly like in pictures, so pretty. And I have to have oily face that night. T__T Suet Li still remembers me this time so I'm again happy and excited.

#10. Audrey.
Audrey is so cute la. She was very shy when I asked if I can have a picture with her. She was looking at Suet Li and smiling sheepishly like 'I also got fansee?' kinda smile.
I took for granted that Suet Li remembers me so I did not introduce myself anymore. It turned out that Audrey did not know it was me. No wonder she was shy.

#11. Pamsong.
I then saw PamSong at the door and said hi to her. Then we took a picture. She saw my sis and apparently they are friends. So they talked a bit about masa lampau while I stood there, looking a bit blur. It is a small world huh?

#12. Super gung-ho bloggers
Pao spotted this bunch of completely dressed up girls and took a picture of them too. I've read Coco's and Yenniedoll's blog before but the rest I don't know.

#13. Our very sad looking N$ 60. ( I found N$ 20 more when we went back). Note: N$ is Nuffnang dollars
My sis wanted to bid for something but everyone open mouth also N$200 already. What can our N$60 do? I think there's some games where they distributed N$ earlier of the event when we weren't there yet. No wonder everyone else got so much money and we only got N$60.

#14. Jojo and Liang demonstrating the Pink Stocking Game.
Jojo was complaining that it was her silky hair that caused her to lose so Liang said it's good to have no hair. HAHA

#15. First up, Kenny Sia and Mr Blue Stripe Shirt whose name is TianChad. I found out after browsing through so many blogs.
Susan Kenny Boyle won the first round.
#16. Then it's the Sparta guy with the Mexican Man.
Mexican Man 1 - Sparta guy 0. It's so funny when Liang shouted, YOU ARE A SHAME TO SPARTA or something like that.

#17. Susan Kenny Boyle came out and did some 'warm up'.
I guess the 'warm up' did him good cause he won in just mere seconds, pulling the Mexican Man along with him. If you see clearly, even the pink stocking torn a little. Ganas

#18. The nominees for Standout King and Queen.
They danced, bridged and even flashed pussy. Look at Edward ScissorsHand. Haha, cuz his scissors keep moving, I ended up taking such shots of him. The winner for Standout King is Edward ScissorsHand while PinkPorkChop won the Standout Queen.

#19. Lucky blogger winning Nintendo Ds Lite.

#20. Susan Kenny Boyle and I.
He was, just like previous year, very friendly.

#21. Me and my dearest sister who paid for my bus tickets (RM103 k?), got me a place to stay and paid for all my food.

#22. The Spartan won The Most Eccentric Blogger title with the laptop.

#23. Susan Kenny Boyle won the Pacifier Sucker
alongside with the other 3 nominees. That's Timothy Tiah trying to stick pacifier into Susan Kenny Boyle's mouth.

#24. But they dropped it.
So Susan Kenny Boyle shouted, 'Kiok ki lai, kiok ki lai' in Hokkien which means 'Pick it up'.

#25. He then wiped it and suck it like a baby with his bantal busuk.

#26. It was Timothy Tiah's birthday so I went up to him and stuck 3 birthday notes to him from my sis and her two other friends.

#27. Audrey came in with the cake for him.
Specially love the effect of this picture.

#28. Took another shot because I thought it was a very beautiful sight.

#29. The cake for Boss Stewie. Clearly he is 25 years old. Count the candles.

#30. Jojo and I
Very pretty and very friendly.

#31. Mr. Lim
We left early and unnoticed and went over to the pub/bar/drinking place next door to wait for the two Mr. Lims to finish their beers.
Our poor Mr. Lim here was pening lalat cause angin. You know the bloated feeling that sometimes make you feel sick? He was having cold sweat, looking pale and all because of 1 1 bottle of beers. Probably a concoction with the Nasi Lemak Goreng earlier.

By the way, you have to add the two digits together e.g. 1+1=2.

#32. Oldies but Goodies.
#33. We took Nice back the next day at 5p.m.
Had 'Hottie Chic' for tea/earlier dinner and tau sar bread for late dinner. =))
Note that we only took pictures with girls and one guy (Susan Kenny Boyle who was half woman that night). I missed the chance to talk to any other blogger and I shall not repeat such mistake next time.


reddaisie said...

interesting write up of the party..
just to clarify something...

u din really mean it when u wrote that i was paying ur RM100++ bus tickets rite???

Mrs Chong said...

paopao: Thank you..

By the way I meant it... =D Love u...

reddaisie said...

Lesson to be learnt: Nvr pay for ur lil sis, in advance..unless u really wanna belanja her..KANTOI!

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Hi.......long post...and lots of pictures...ahahhaah~

I was there too....heheheh~I think I met you somewhere somehow..=___="

Mrs Chong said...

PaoPao: our love cannot be measured with money la... =P

elaine: i cant remember seeing u..I read your blog just now. It's ok, there'll be more Nuffnang events and next time, you'll remember to check your camera before leaving the house. =)) I am a paranoid person. I'll check, recheck and recheck before I leave house one..

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