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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Very bad haze in Penang

Remember the last post? Where I posted up these two pictures? I thought it was bad enough, now it's worst.

Yesterday, you can still see a little of the buildings behide Island Plaza ( it's the one beside the newly built building - picture 2).

Although you can barely see Butterworth and can barely make out the sea, it's still bearable.

Today's condition? At most you can see Island Plaza and that's it.

Even Island Plaza is almost covered with the haze. Compare the last two pictures with the previous two and you'll be amazed.

Stay in peeps. Drink more water while I go out to do my facial. T___T Made appointment already. Drive carefully.


sianG sianG said...

yaya... recently the haze really very BAD !! even at Kampar too !!! need to drink more water take care ourself d... to prevent we get sick... =)

Ping, take care oo ^^

Mad Maureen said...

Wah, so serious eh.. Take care oh.. I hope the haze will stop once the new sem starts.. Or else the plane will have a hard time landing..

Mrs Chong said...

soosiang: yea...thanks...u too...take care of urself ya???

maureen: that's why..worried of my friend who is coming back tml...

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