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Monday, June 01, 2009

The last episode of Bangkok Adventure

Happy moments pass fast, it's time to say goodbye again. After massive shopping, eating, walking and enjoying, it's time to pack all your things, jump on your bag if you have to to get everything inside and leave for home.
#1. Bangkok Airport.

I would say Penang's International Airport really needs to buck up. There's no free maps and still not as pretty.

#2. There's a fruit paradise where they'll give you local fruits in Bangkok to try. I got a buah ciku from them and took it back to Penang.
They told me it's some kind of plum but it's actually buah ciku only. T___T Mum had langsat. HAHA I know, Malaysia also got but they were very friendly so we took some.
That's it, that's the end of our trip. Till next trip with Hot Babes Travel Agency. =))
Rate: 5star la...

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