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Thursday, June 04, 2009

If you need to know

1. I read blogs every day but I'm too lazy to even type 'Oh Hai, iz me.'

2. I got a lot of pictures and story to tell but I'm too engrossed with 'Little Nyonya' that everything is NOT important anymore.

3. I've finished watching it and did not cry. Super geng.

4. I've been going out and feeling tired but this will have to go on till Sunday cause I is going to KL for the StandOut party. =))

5. I got my result and I'm quite please with it since I thought I'll probably do badly. I studied hard for a few papers and it really paid off.

6. I am spared from constant whining from someone because I'm turning a deaf ear.

7. I am going to start reading some information on Flash and Photoshop so that I can save myself in computer class next sem.

8. I is lazy.

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