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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where I really belong

It's such a bliss,
To be seated here,
Right in front of my computer,
Listening to songs,
Staring blankly
into the beautiful view from my window.

It's amazing how these beautiful roofs and the whole entire
scenery, though filled with buildings,
makes me feel that THIS IS MY PLACE,
This is where I belong.
Soon I'll have to go back to USM,
No such view, no family to go back to after class,
No good meal to look forward to,
No nice tv shows to share with the family,
No one to sleep beside me at night,
I'm gonna miss all this.
As I continue to look at the magnificient view,
I secretly wish I appreciate the family more.


sHaN sHaN said...

why la u post this so early!!! tak bagus betul. XD "Happiness? = Health + Poor Memory"

reddaisie said...

esp ur roommate

reddaisie said...

shanshan: I was looking at the beautiful view then suddenly feel sad maaaa

roommate: yes, esp u...cannot c u in ur sexy shorts...

Mrs Chong said...

hohoho...forgot change user...the above comment is left by me.

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