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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Deep thoughts

Have you ever felt so angry about one thing but the person who made you angry about it doesn't feel a thing?

And then you pinch/punch (depends how violent you are) yourself silly because you are angry?

And it makes you feel even worst because that person is ignorant about it?

You think you are being sensitive (just like how everyone said you are).

You began to stop trusting even yourself because you don't know whether you are reacting normally or being overly touchy?

Sigh, one of those days when I put my thinking cap on.

ps: Nope, no one made me angry lately. =P As happy as a bird. Er..whatever.


Doralin Lee said...

Sounds like emotionally unstable je..... Well I used to had that kind of experience somewhere last year, but since I have to see that 'person' almost everyday, so I just try to ignore talking to that person la... even now.

Mrs Chong said...

doralin: yea...i usually try to ignore and be nice...cuz it wont make things better if i start to find fault anyway...

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