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Monday, June 29, 2009

Makan-makan at Smokey Jack

Was at a Musician Workshop at my church with Pao the other day. If anyone who KNOWS Altered Frequency, you are free to scold me. T__T Cause I don't know them though I talked to them and they were teaching us stuff (read: stuff cause all are music stuff and I'm not a pro).

We left for lunch with Che, her colleague and my mum in Smokey Jack at Upper Penang Road cause sis work there.

The whole concept there was a bit like jungle with 'old doors' as ceiling, cocoon as chairs, and lots of branches and roots everywhere. It is so real that it's a bit creepy.

I'm gonna start with three pictures of us cause mummy and che's colleague was late. =P


After placing our orders-two set meals, they serve us with two buns with three spreads. The two yellow ones on the side are sweet butter while the middle one is garlic butter spread. Yumness. The buns are fresh. We got two types of bun, one which is multi grain/wholemeal and another normal one. If you order just one set, they'll just give you the sweet butter. However, I think you can request for the garlic one if you want to give it a try.

The surrounding.

The soup of the day. I would not recommend you the soup as it has a very strong milky taste. Taste like baby's milk, probably because they put too much milk in it. Don't like it at all.

The salad. I like the salad though. The salad comes with a in house salad sauce cause it taste special. But yummy nevertheless. Besides, it's a healthier choice as it has lots of fibres.

Club Sandwich. Two thumbs up. I would love to go back to try this again because it's yummy. Very filling as there's four slices of bread. They stuff it with huge chicken breast, lots of vege and bacon. Two people can share this if you are not a big eater.

Onion rings. I don't know if it happened only the day we went or it's that bad. It is soggy, oily and totally NOT CRUNCHY AT ALL. Worst onion rings I've ever had. So I would suggest to them to either improve it or remove it from the menu. What a waste of money to order that.

Penne Chicken Pasta. This one is okay. It's rich with lots of cheese and cream. But I'm not a cream pasta person. I'm more to the Bolognese one so I couldn't appreciate this a lot but it was okay, we managed to finish this.
Would love to try the fish next time around because I heard it was good.
The toilet.

Dirty ol' Sink


Doralin Lee said...

EEeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Why blog about the restaurant and food then masuk the toilet also? The sink part really spoils everything la wei! Eerrr..... got photos of the toilet bowl or not? Hehehehe!

reddaisie said...

hahaha the sink is not dirty..that's the concept..jungle like..hehhee

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