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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have new found respect for my Datin Grandma

When you see a lady her age (80++ almost 90), you'll sure say cute. Especially my grandma cuz she is very tiny and very cute. Really one.

Sometimes she'll stone like that staring into the space, sometimes she'll make mulut senget cause she doesn't like something and sometimes, she'll be totally blur.
Sometimes she looks cute even when she's eating. But lo and behold, this small lady here is diam diam ubi berisi.


She said hooligans while this cucu here (a.k.a. me) said gangster only at most. I was shocked when she said my aunt is afraid to go somewhere alone because there's hooligans there. I was like WHAT???DID MY AH MA SAID HOOLIGANS?

Ok, Ah Ma, you are the champion.

ps: I never use the word hooligans before also lor. Never in my life. And I'm using it now because my grandma used it first.


sHaN sHaN said...

ah ma say: don't play play with me ha!!! LOL

Mrs Chong said...

shan: XD I some more looked at her k???she act selamba... XD

Donna said...

Awww.. you got a cute grandma..

From stranger.

Mrs Chong said...

dolly: she sure is one cute granny... =))

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