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Sunday, July 29, 2007

ATQ ticket redemption 29/07

I woke up at 8.30 a.m today and watched 'Corner with love'. Then around 10.30a.m, I went to bathe. Ju-Yen is there in Gurney already. After taking my bath, I went down and get some newspaper for Ju-Yen. I bought 5 'Kwong Wah'. Then left for Gurney. Throughout the whole morning, I called Ju-Yen then Yi Lin then Ju-Yen then Yi Lin then you-know-who. Well, that explains my dried up credits. Anyway, got there at 12 something and ran to find Ju-Yen and Yi Lin at Echo Park. Stood there and talked to them. Teong Seng was there too. Taking for him and his sis.

Then somehow the guard moved the bar and I am in the 'ring'. As Ju-Yen needed someone to help her get extra tickets, I silently oblige though I know there were probably hundreds of eyes staring at me. Actually I think they don't really realize it. Anyway, the people started coming from my side and we get the 'BOOs'. Then a couple of them insist that Ju-Yen and the rest are included in the just-came-in crowd. As they were not talking bout me, I raised my voice and insisted that they were there since 10.30a.m and we are NOT MOVING! The organizer got a lil scared and just calm everyone down and ask us not to let anyone come in anymore to prevent chaos.

Slightly before 2p.m, some of the staff came out and passed us our numbers. Only 2000 numbers will be given and I got number 43!!! Front right? =P Anyway, as we are sure to have our tickets, we are asked to move out so that the people behind can move in and fill in the place until all the 2000 numbers are given out. We hang around a while and I ate something. Then we were walking here and there not knowing where to go. Walked around and got "boo-ed" a few times cause we were a little sesat. We did not get 'boo-ed' but the people in front of us did. =P We talked to a couple of friends who went as well. Lay Leng and Chun Yiun was there too. Talked a little then we moved to line up to get our tickets. I saw Nicole and I waved to her. -.- What was I thinking? Too excited already I think. She waved back and smiled. *phew* Luckily. Or not damn sia sui. 19 year old senior wave at a 13 year old junior and get no respond. Don't know where to hide my face already. Saw Hui Ting, Hui Ping, Chia Ming too. Anyway, played around with the camera until ATQ finalist came out and rushed to the stage. BAD MOVE! We were stuck there and eventually had to battle with other 1998 people there to get the tickets. Everyone was like pushing me and Yi Lin and well, every other people there. Yi Lin and I being a little less tall compared to the people there almost died as the oxygen had hard time reaching us. The tall people snatched our oxygen even before it can come to us. -.- I don't understand why they were pushing though. They've got the numbers and we are sure to get the tickets already. And those without numbers, lagi bodoh, come and curi our oxygen.

Then we had a not so good time shouting at people to stop pushing as we almost fell down a couple of times and had fun looking at ourselves on the window above us. =P It gets not so fun after a long time stuck there and we almost gave up. But we hold on and finally won the battle by completing that dreadful hours with stinky people and not-so-nice smell of ourselves. Sweat was dripping from Teong Seng's hair. Yi Lin claims that water is coming out from Teong Seng. -.-' Got our tickets and get out of that horrible place with a smile. Mission accomplished! Met up with the rest as we got lost in the process. Parted with Teong Seng without saying goodbye and went down for our late lunch at McD. We were starving.

Then Hui Ping saw us and passed me two more numbers and I rushed up to get extra tickets for Hooi Chen. Got it and went to play at the arcade. I sucked at basketball. Then wander around with Ju-Yen and the rest and went CD Hunting. Mission failed though. A while later, sis called and got onto the car to go back. Glad I got the tickets. Now, how I wish I get the VIP tickets then I will be ever so glad to pass my tickets to other people. The one I got from battling. My battling reward. If not, I'll be glad to sit with Ju-Yen and the rest to enjoy the show too. =)

If you ask m whether many people there or not. Well, 2000 numbers were given away and there are few hundreds left with disappointment. So you tell me. Many people? Luckily the building did not collapse with so many people on it. At the exact same spot. The line? Well, Penangites, imagine this. You know where the stage always is on level 7? Between Echo Park and that shop that sells Mickey shoes? Well, the stage then there's like a hundred or more people in front of that stage. Then the line continues to pass the cinema's premier class, then passing glitters, then speedy, then celebrity fitness, U-turn then passing SenQ and the line ends there. However, the line did not seem to move until maybe 2 something to 3 probably cause there are still people coming.

And let me get this straight. I am sure many of them go just because S.H.E will be there. Typical right? Just like many of them, so was I. I actually gone through those crazy moments because I want to see S.H.E. But I do have clue of the ATQ finalist. Though not exactly a very clear one cause I do not have Astro but I like Xiao Xiao since the first time I saw her in Penang on the 2nd June. And I like Wayne when I heard him sing the other day on Astro when I was at my aunts. So I am not that out okay? Just that it was S.H.E who brought me there. Glad I can finally participate in some reality show's recording session or finales. I used to watch it from television only. I am sure it will be nicer live. =)

Now, pictures. =P

The stage. Yes, I was that near before they ask us to line up again for the tickets. -.-

The line.

Behind me. I have taken the numbers and had to line up again for the tickets.

The crowds. Those who are not lining up yet after getting the numbers. We were sure to get the tickets once we get the number.

Us, proud of our numbers. We love our numbers. =P Thanks Ju-Yen.

Our numbers. 50,48,43,45, and 35. Good good. 2 digits nia. =P

The crowd

the line. in front of me.

Teong Seng's back. With the ape.

Ju-Yen, Pei Ying and a little bit of Teong Seng's back. Why today all black?

Yi Lin and Pei Ying and a random girl. =P Suddenly stand in the middle.

The crowd again.

ATQ finalist. I can't take good pictures cause I was very far from them and was battling my way to the front. Waiting for Ju-Yen to send me some.

The card. Love.

The envelopes!!

The tickets.

So people, I am so going to see them. =) Who cares about the lala zai-s, inconsiderate and uncivilized push-people machines who went to take the tickets, I am not going to see them. -.- I won't even notice them. Uncivilized freak. Got numbers already still pushing. Don't know for what. Sure to get the tickets already what. -.- Seriously. Put people's life in danger only.


sHaN sHaN said... kesian...
hopefully is worth it la...
enjoy urself dat day...

Mrs Chong said...

u coming also right? will have fun with my buddies there. and that, my fren, includes u. =)

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