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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Old People have weird taste and ideas.

My definition of old is people who are in their golden age who probably have experienced World War Two. Not those in their 40s or 50s but those in their 80s. Yes, our grandmother's age.

My grandmother has been sharing her very own opinion of the new house. As excited as us, she started telling us what she need in the new house. She is a very rich lady, at least with what she wish to have in the new house. =P She wants water heater for both the kitchen and the washing machine. Reason?? Water gets too cold sometime and she can't wash her dishes or clothes. No, we did not abuse her and ask her to wash her own clothes but she is a lil fussy when it comes to these things and she wants to do it her way, so she usually does it herself.

Anyway, from what I heard from my friends, these are not cheap. Especially the electricity bill cause it will cost a lot every month. Furthermore, to install it, we have to spend a lot. From what we heard after asking several friends, we need to install one kind of huge water heater thing outside of the house which will cost bomb. So during dinner just now, my sis told my grandmother that we cannot install that water heater for her because it is too expensive and we cannot afford it. Furthermore, with the hot weather in Penang, we don't need the water heater, At least not for the washing machine and the kitchen. She started talking about rheumatism and things like that and say that a little money is going to prevent us from all those sickness. My sis insisted that it will be very expensive and it is not necessary. Then she said it only cost another RM100 according to some guy who did plumbering for my aunt when she renovated her house. My sis was like, "WHAT??RM100??" Then grandmother said we will only use it when necessary so the electricity will not be that expensive.

It was then my sister told her that it will definitely not be RM100 because the water heater itself would probably cost a lot. You know what my grandmother say??? I bet no one can be more creative than her.

She said that the one she was thinking about was the one like the hair saloon. Yes, the water heater or better known as shower you have in the bathroom. That, in our newly renovated KITCHEN!!!!

Hi everyone, this is my new kitchen. =)

Granny damn creative lar. Can be interior designer already. Then I told my sis that people will ask if we open hair saloon during the day. =P I even suggested that mummy and granny can put a long chair like those they have in saloons and wash their hair there after coloring them. If I am lazy, I can ask my sister to wash my hair for me there too. What lar. Like that also she can think of, I am so looking forward to see our new house. Hopefully not designed by my grandmother. Else we might be lucky to get in Malaysia's Book of Record for the most peculiar looking house with NORMAL PEOPLE living in it.

I really salute my grandmother lar.

ps: Picture is before renovation. Renovation not yet start.


sHaN sHaN said... grandma so bad wat..heater in the kitchen..creative mah...
talkin abt designing..i tink i owe u smth...hehe...pai seh pai seh....

Mrs Chong said...

hahahaha..chai tiok ho...Ya la...if only she did further her studies last time, she might be a very very very famous mia interior designer hor??? =P

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