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Saturday, July 07, 2007

5 things you should do before 'Parents Day'.

#1- Let your parents know your results first.

Suspense is good. But only when you get really really good results. If not, better to let them know first. At least it is better to let them scold you at home than curse you in the school. Or if they got weak heart, later faint in school, get to go into newspaper front page for free. So let them know your results. Don't keep it from them. And please la, study harder for Mid-Year can? Parents are going to get the results and meet the teachers leh. Lazy also, at least get a pass for all for Mid-Year lar. 2 marks to pass also can.

#2- Warn them about the teachers.
No, no. Not telling them which teacher is not-ok. Just let them know you are less likable in which class. Let them have 'sam lei chun pei' (bersiap-sedia). Like me, I am a little more naughty in Econs class so I told my mum that. And just brief her on what the teacher will most probably say. Gave her taklimat and tell her precisely what's the teacher's name. Even spell out for her. For example, I spelled K-H-O-O to her. I even make sure she got it right, I spelled K for Kangaroo, H for hamster, O for ostrich and O for owl. Ha-ha. People use country, I use these cute animals. =)

#3- Talk to her every day about it until she is bored of it.
Tell her what your teacher will probably say bout you and what's her name every day for one week. Even remind her about the 'Parents' Day' every other hour. The possibility of her feeling bored about it to listen to it so many times and when the teachers repeat the same thing, it'll be so bored, she won't even be angry is quite high. Unless your mother can survive through that 'Macbeth' story and tell you its nice, then I guess it won't work. I can't stand that movie. Anyway, this move can save all those unnecessary lecture after that. =)

#4- Teach her what to say.
Give her some rough idea of what she can answer to the teacher. Some parents are not actually angry with their kids for getting complains. It is just that they do not know what they should say to the teacher and it makes them look silly. That is why they are angry. They feel that you are the one who put them through this embarrassing moment and eventually venture their anger on you. So teach them what to say. You know your teachers better, so, give them a rough idea of what to say. Like me, I told my mum to tell my Econs teacher *if she complains that I talk too much* that I inherited this talk-too-much genes from my mum. How smart? Now I am not even at wrong. I am innocent. O:)

#5-Last advice. Something you really really should bare in mind. Even more important than the suspense thing.
NEVER EVER FOLLOW YOUR PARENTS TO GET THE RESULTS!!!!! Listen to me properly. This is a total no-no. You can keep your parents in suspense and got them scolding you in their heart or even out loud at school but it is better if you are not around at that time. Do not follow them. Get some excuses, stomach ache, sick, anything. Just do not go with them on that day. Especially if you decided to keep them in suspense. Double dosage I tell you. The possibility of you getting scolded in front of your friends, cute juniors and teachers is very very very extremely high. Unless you are an angel and you want to get praises in front of those people I mentioned la. Even if you practised all the 4 steps above, you might still get scoldings. You make mistakes. How sure are you that you did not accidentally or purposely leave that I-argued-with-the-teacher's incident out? Don't risk it. Even if your Econs teacher end up calling you a horrible candidate for business. It is not worth it. And you know how some parents enjoy slipping some not-so-proud moments of you. At times, it is better to be ignorant.

If you do not have a sporting parents or you did really really bad in school, keep that notification letter la. But remember, suspense is not a very good thing because when people got something they don't expect, please expect some really really funny or scary or not usual reaction. It is after all reflexive action or something like that. So think again if you want to keep your parents in suspense.

That's all for the tips. =P

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