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Saturday, July 07, 2007

To live or to die?

Today is the day all students detest the most. Well, maybe a little lesser compared to exam day and extra classes day. Today is the 'Meet The Parents Day' or 'Parents Day' for Georgians. If you think you can get away from all the argue-with-teacher, skip class or any other not-so-brilliant things you do in class or school, think again. Unless of course you did not even pass the letter of notifications to your parents la. And hey, not all those big 'crimes' matters in school only. All the talk-louder-and-more-than-teacher or the I-forgot-to-bring-my-homework excuses are not going to be erased just like that. Worst still if you have such enthusiastic parents who will go to each and every teacher to ask about your result. And they will be having such a pleasant talk behind your back and you will have no clue of what they said.

Well I belong to the talk-louder-and-more-than-teacher students and yes, I have a mother who is that enthusiastic, she even went back to my Form5 History teacher to just say hie. And they talked about how many daughters my teacher has. And and she even talk to my Bowling Club teacher advisor. Well, that one is ok because that teacher used to be my primary school music teacher. I was under her before. But hey, can just find the teacher who taught me this year? I scared scared leh. See? I inherited this talkative genes from her!!! -.- So of course I won't get scolding for that. Besides, my result, not bad what. =P

So I guess I can summarize a little of what the teachers said about me. =)

1st teacher. None other than our class teacher cum Econs teacher, Pn Khoo.
- Not bad
- Quite hardworking *huh? I am?*
- talks a little too much *make that a lot*

SHE PRAISED ME!!! And I was giving my mum warning before that to cool down if this teacher says anything bad about me because I am damn naughty in her class. VERY NAUGHTY!

The rest, I don't know which come 1st d. =P
P.A.- Pn. Alimaton not around so mum went to see Pn Sharifah Ghany *don't mind the spelling please*
- Can get four flat. *blink blink blink. korek my ear, what? I get 37 for my Maths leh. How to get four flat?
- Need to read more and look at the graphs.
- Can go to school library to get other reference *promote school library la tu.*

Maths- Mr. Khor
- Should buy the revision book. Federal Publications one.
- Can ask questions if don't understand
- The class never ask questions so I thought they understand.

Accounts - Mr. Koay
- Well, we all know he is slightly a little blur and a lot cute. So nothing much
- He asked my mum to tell me to go school library to look at the reference book. All promoting the library lar.

MUET- Miss Yeoh
* Mum spent the longest time there*
- Good. Get 2nd highest in class. *blush. English nia mar.*
- Helpful, responsible *hee. I am the MUET rep lar.*
- Even say my mum should be proud to have a daughter like me!!! *WAH!!*
- Can get Band 5 for MUET. *after looking at my listening and reading, I wave to my imaginary Band5. Sorry to let anyone down. SORRY!!*
- Our batch of SGGS-ians hardworking. Good. *BENTENG RAWKS!!!*
- Showed my mum my previous MUET results.
- Commented that Georgians in our class are good.
- All can do well
- Talked a little on what we are doing right now and about the MUET exams to mum.
- Told her bout the Heaven & Earth story and how she stand in front of the television when its the censored part.
- Told mum that we are watching 'The Sound Of Music'

So yea, that's about all. Haha. Overall, good leh. Only one teacher complained I talk too much and that's Pn. Khoo. But she mentioned that I am good too. So, yea, Form 5 and Upper6 I get good comments. I am no longer the good for nothing talkative Ping. =)

And here's what I got from Win. I was talking to my sister about it. Haha.

* ping ping's little lex and brax. * says:
ah win kena complain say she talk to her friends too much in class
* ping ping's little lex and brax. * says:
and that very cute friend of hers is none other than ME... =D

*Sorry Win. Let's talk less!! Our tak pernah berjaya punya mission.

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